About Me

I’m Dana Ebert—a writer, game designer, and voice actor based in Portland, OR—best known for my contributions to Pathfinder 2e, and voicing Penny in the League of Ultimate Questing: Battle Axis.

You can learn more about my current TTRPG-related projects by visiting my Linktree or Twitter!

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What I’m Passionate About

Dungeon Mastery

I run paid TTRPG sessions and campaigns for groups of clients, private events, organizations, and charities.

Content Creation

I’m a writer of evocative settings, characters, and narratives, and a designer of system and creature mechanics that tell a story.

Acting & Entertainment

I’m a convention panelist on TTRPG-related topics, and am a voice actor on actual-play livestreams and podcasts.


Voice Acting

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League of Ultimate Questing: Battle Axis, Slap Dash Studios, 2021-2022
Penny Farthing / Additional Voices

Undermile: The Vanguard Below the Garden, Slap Dash Studios, 2022
Tienna Biskwit

Room For Everyone, Charm Person Games / Carrion Comfort Studios, 2022
Yazeba / Additional Voices

Adventures in ADHD, A Minstrels Tale, 2022
Verona Monchère

Rainbow Refugee Charity D&D Event, Roar Cat Reads, 2022
Serko Mysterium

OnlyDans, OnlyDansDnD, 2022
Mimsi Dankwart

Rolling in the New Year, Jasper’s Game Day, 2021

Sapphic Space Pirates, TeaTRPG, 2021
Jack of Hearts

Red Blossom Black Snow, Level Up TTV / Slap Dash Studios, 2020

League of Ultimate Questing, Slap Dash Studios, 2020
Amelia Sweetbrier

Convention Panels

  • Beyond D&D: Expanding Your TTRPG Options. Terminal City Tabletop Convention, 2021
  • The League of Ultimate Questing LIVE. Rose City Comic Con, 2021
  • Tabletop Transformed: D&D In A Post-Pandemic World. Rose City Comic Con, 2021
  • Dungeons & Distancing: Keeping the Dice Rolling During the COVID Crisis. Rose City Comic Con / Awesome Con, 2020
  • Master the Dungeons: Level Up Your D&D Game. Wizard World Comic Con, 2020

I would love to hear about your current projects and opportunities for collaboration! I’ve worked with both independent designers and major publishers, and have designed TTRPG programs aimed at all ages and experience levels.

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Dungeon Mistress Dana
Portland, OR